A little about us

Peacebordes offers a wide and colorful range of handcrafted longboards and cruisers made of high quality materials and suitable for a wide variety of styles – Dancing, Carving, Cruising, Freestyle and more.

Our models are designed both for beginners and advanced skaters. Perfect for those who this is their first board and also for those who wish to take their ride to the next level.

We promote the values of freedom, equality and ecological sensitivity, and form a community of peace-loving skaters all over the world.
The brand was launched in Germany 2017 at the annual extreme show in Munich, ISPO and in Amsterdam.

It is important for us to be accessible to any style at the lowest price, the highest quality and the most personal service there is, in order to build an international community that initiates social gatherings around the Longboard world, a family with values of equality, peace and love, towards each other and towards the environment.


All Peaceboards surf skateboards cruisers equipped with the new 2018 line of CHARGER X (CHX) patented surfskate trucks.

Designed for surf cruising and carving the streets while simulating the feeling of surfing.

Made from 7″ aluminum, its unique design provides the truck with a large range of motion for easy pumping, sharp turns and fast maneuvers, ideal for radical cruising and surfskating.

Wai assembled with with (chx) CHARGER X VS carver CX4 trucks

ISPO 2018 , Munich Germany - Fabian Doerig review !